Terms and Conditions


This application

  • I understand that no booking exists until a receipt and official acknowledgement are issued. I note that bookings may be cancelled by the organising committee if numbers are insufficient for the camp or if it appears that the applicant is unsuitable for the holiday.


  • The early bird fee of £150 is available until February 14th 2024, after this date the full fee of £165 will be applicable. 
  • The full fee payable with an application is non-refundable, but it will assist the organisation of the camps if the full fee is sent with this application form.
  • The booking will only exist when both the completed form and payment are received.

Parent / Guardian declaration

  • I understand that if my daughter / son / ward grossly misbehaves at this camp then the organisers may forbid them from further participation and require me to collect them at my expense.  (Cigarettes and alcohol are forbidden and failure to abide by this rule may constitute gross misbehaviour).  I agree to pay for deliberate damage to property caused by my daughter / son / ward.
  • I have read and agree to the conditions above and I apply for my daughter / son / ward to attend the Nefyn Camp indicated.

For fur