For ages 9 to 11, B camp is the youngest of the Nefyn camps. The camp will be made up of 25-30 leaders and around 40 children and we aim for the atmosphere to be that of an extended family. The children are organised into single gender tent teams of 4-8 children (we keep friends together wherever possible) and one / two leaders (leaders do not sleep in the tents with campers. Leader’s tents are dispersed between campers’ tents and campers will be encouraged to wake up their leaders if needed during the night.) We aim to pack the day with lots of organised activities as this makes for happy children who sleep well at night!

The week is organised around a theme (we’re not sure what this will be this year but in past years it has been Space, Cops and Robbers, Egypt etc.) and all activities are ‘hung’ around this theme. Many of the activities are Nefyn favourites such as ‘Hunt the Leader’ (a hide and seek game on a large scale involving leaders dressing up), ‘volcanoes’ (a giant sandcastle tide fight competition), ‘Wanted’ (a game of chase on a large scale) etc. There are plenty of opportunities to play sports (including some unique to Nefyn), create craft, and take part in seaside type activities such as crabbing, damning streams on the beach, swimming in the sea (all carefully supervised). The children also have some choice of off-site activities such as karting, visiting a farm and climbing. In the past on one day during the week (usually Wednesday) all children and most leaders visit Haven in Pwllheli for a swim in their pool along with other activities.

Of course the main aim of the week (alongside the children having a great time) is for the children to learn more about God and to develop their relationship with Him. The theme of the week is also used in the evening meetings. These last for around an hour and are made up of songs, silly games /challenges, leaders chatting about their experiences of God and then a talk by our resident ‘speaker’. The children also have a time each morning (20-30 minutes), again in their tent groups with their leaders looking at the bible and chatting about it.

We have many years of experience running camps for these ages, many of the leaders came to camp themselves as children and our own children have grown up through the camps. In the past most children who came to Nefyn 9-11 camp, whether they are used to being away from home or not, whether they are used to going to church or not, whether they are used to camping or not, whether they previously knew lots of other children going to Nefyn or not, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We’d love your child to come and enjoy it too. (If you have siblings who fall outside the age group of camp and you’d like them to camp together then please get in touch and we’ll see if we can accommodate that)

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