For ages 11 to 13

E Camp is a fun packed week for 11-13 year olds. The camp will include activities like hunt the leader, beach games, crafts, tournament games, sports, it’s a washout, camp fire, tuck shop and off-site optional trips. The week is led by experienced helpers with a family atmosphere on the camp. We have an evening meeting including challenges, drama and music as we explore our Bible based theme. This is always the highlight of the day and enjoyed by all on the camp.
Heather and Rob have many years of being leaders on camp under their belt and will be leading a team of other experienced leaders. In the past most children who came to Nefyn 11-13 camp, whether they are used to being away from home or not, whether they are used to going to church or not, whether they are used to camping or not, whether they previously knew lots of other children going to Nefyn or not, have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Join us for a fun week with good food!

There has been a slight reshuffle with the main leadership teams for D and E camp due to leader availability.

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