For ages 14 to 16

D camp is a fun packed week at the end of the summer for 14-16 year olds where campers can come and spend time with friends and make new ones as we have young people from a range of different places. We spend our week getting involved in lots of different activities that aim to build friendships and bond the camp. We have a great team ready to work with the young people who really care about getting alongside them and encouraging them to get involved during the week.
The days are spent having fun be it down on the beach, off site on one of the external activities or on site. The evenings are spent being led through the Bible and examining the word of God. We would love for you to come along this year and join us on this field for a week of fun and time learning about God.
There has been a slight reshuffle with the main leadership teams for D and E camp due to leader availability.

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