Bookings notice
C Camp is filling up very quickly, so we have amended the age ranges of D and E Camps to accommodate 13 year olds. If your child is 12 or 13 please consider booking them onto E camp, or if the are 14 consider booking them onto D camp if they can make those dates. C camp bookings remain open for anybody who is unable to make another camp work.

C camp is a fun filled week, with lots of exciting activities and a chance to speand time with friends, both old and new. We are generally quite a big camp, with about 45 campers, 40 leaders and a group of about 6 mini campers. We seek to have all the fun of the younger camps with the more relaxed feel of the older camps.

We try to spend as much time as possible on the beach, whether crabbing, swimming,  building sandcastles or just chatting! We also do a full range of campers favourite activities, such as volcanoes (a sandcastle building competition, competing both with other tent groups and the encroaching tide), hunt the leader (leaders dressed in ridiculous costumes, hidden, or not so hidden, for the campers to find), it’s a washout (a set of challenges on the field game, ending with a giant water fight) and cluedo (campers attempt to solve a Nefyn mystery, acted by some very dubious characters on the leadership team!). We also have lots of sports going on including the legendary crocker (sort of rounders, with a bit of cricket and baseball thrown in!) with the campers versus leaders game eagerly awaited. We also have time for craft and drama as well as lots of free time, hopefully, enjoying the sunshine!

Campers sleep in single gender tents of about 6-7 campers. We often have campers who know no one or only one other person and they very quickly bond with the other members of the tent and their leaders. These groups form the basis of the campers’ week at Nefyn and means that all campers feel secure and are ready to make lots of new friends and throw themselves into all the fun that’s going on.

The highlight of the Nefyn day is the evening meeting where campers get to involve their tent leaders in messy challenges and laugh at the results! We follow this with lively worship (we are blessed to have some very talented musicians on camp so this is always brilliant) and an engaging talk. For some campers, they are familiar with going to church and for others this may be a totally new experience, but we find that these evenings are enjoyed by all.

We have been leading the 12-14 camp since 2007 and our two boys have grown up with Nefyn. It is the highlight of our year and we always seek to make it the highlight of the campers’ years too – we’d love you to join us this year.

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