Campers booking FAQ’s 

If the answer to your query is not here please contact or call Paul Higginbotham on 07921 082498.


 No.  Query  Answer 
1. How do I pay by cheque or bank transfer? When details are completed click on ‘Pay later’ and follow the instructions on the confirmation e-mail.
2. I want to book someone outside the published age range but an error message pops up and won’t let me go further Firstly please check if they could attend a camp where they are within the published age range. If you want them to attend a camp where they are outside the published age range please contact We deal with these requests on a case by case basis.
3. Error message pops up saying that the camper is not the right age. There is a system error where it uses the first day of camp to calculate the age of the camper. We use the 1st Sept as our cut-off so there may be a small number of people this impacts. If this impacts you please contact
4. I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail First check your junk / spam. If it isn’t there contact
5. I can’t get back into the system to amend my booking Any further amendments are performed by the bookings secretary. Please contact if you have any amendments.
6. Why do some of the financial items show in $. The system is about to undergo an update to ensure all amounts are expressed in £. All amounts referred to are £ even if the symbol says $.
7. The e-mail confirming my booking said the place was provisional – what do I need to do to confirm it? Complete the Campers Registration Form (complete by clicking on an e-mail automatically sent to you at registration) and pay the camp fees / deposit. When this is all in order we will confirm your booking subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.
8. I can’t open the attachment with T&C’s included. They are also included on the ‘Apply’ section of our website.
9. I can’t see an area for camper details Fill in their name in the box just above the ‘Attendees’ section, click enter and the fields appear.
10. Do I need to click the ‘I’m attending’ box? No, this is not needed. Leaders need to apply through the leaders process.
11. Why is there a red asterisk in certain places on the form? These are required fields and need to be completed.
12. How do I register more than one camper? If they are on the same camp you can add two or more attendees by filling in another name in the box above the ‘Attendees’ section and pressing enter. If they are on separate camps you’ll need to complete the first application and then do another through the relevant camp.
13 Can I pay by debit / credit card? We are currently working on making that available and hope it will be up and running in December 2015.